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General type of organization structure

The two companies are not identical so that the two are not the same. You can find similar organizations in the same field, but there is always a difference in nuance between each brand.
Even if you feel that you understand the structure and management style of your company, it is important to visualize this structure as a formal organizational structure.

Importance of organizational structure

The company needs a structure to function and grow. Without structure, there is little clarity and concentration. Where to go and responsibility is passed like a hot potato.
It is the reason the organization calls the “organization” of a company. Each individual must have a clear idea of ​​what he is doing, what he is supervising, and who is ultimately responsible, with organizational leadership and There is a flow of authority.
If your organization does not have a formal organizational structure, ask your question. The good thing is that it makes it easier than ever to create organization charts that can be shared and displayed across the organization. But before you do that, you need to carefully analyze your business and think about your situation.

Typical type of organization structure

Companies have different types of organizational structures.
The organizational structure is very important as there are several levels between employees and company executives. The tissue structure may also be fairly flat in that the level separating the ground from above is only a few. Depending on your goals, mechanism of compensation, and distribution of work, you can refer to one more structure than others.
It is not necessary to use the existing organizational system, but it is useful to know what other companies are using. Some of the most common structures in modern business are shown below.


Functional structure, also commonly called bureaucratic organization structure, classifies companies into specialized areas. This is a traditional business such as sales department, marketing department, customer service etc.
The advantage of the functional structure is that individuals concentrate on a single function. These clearly defined roles and expectations limit confusion. The disadvantage is that it is difficult to enable strong communication between different departments.


A split structure is a company that builds leadership in different products and projects. Gap Inc. is a perfect example. Gap is the company, but there are three different retailers, Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic. Each is operated as a company, but it is all under the Gap Inc. brand.
Another good example is GE. GE has dozens of different companies, brands and assets in many areas. Although GE is the largest brand, each department functions as a separate company. It is a bit old-fashioned and simplified, but this figure shows the basic organizational structure of GE.

Women’s growth potential in business

In the past, the business world was a male world. Time will change! Today, women are demonstrating more and more power on both sides of business. Let’s start with some facts from the consumer side. In case of purchasing a family for 2 adults (1 female, 1 male), women:
• 94% of furniture purchase decision
• 92% of family vacation purchase decisions
• 91% of home purchase purchase decisions
• 80% of the decision to purchase health care
• 60% of family car purchase decision
• 51% of consumer electronics purchasing decision
In many cases it is clear that women are not only affecting the market. They are in the market. Perhaps even more surprisingly, these statistics have changed little over the past decade. In other words, women have been on the market for a while, but many leaders have not participated in this wonderful opportunity. These numbers represent households in the United States, but their proportion is exported for technology driven globalization. Even in countries where women do not expect speech at all, computers and smartphones provide information to people all over the world, give power to more people and eventually influence culture.
This leads us to the other side of the equation. Who manages and manages companies that manufacture products that women purchase for themselves and their families? They are increasingly female.
In January 2013, 21 Fortune 500 companies are leading female CEOs. First look 21 seems not so much, but it is a record, and including the rest of C-Suite (CIO, CFO, COO etc.), the figure clearly shows a stable pace of women. In the world
More interestingly, I found that women historically lead enterprises in the field of male domination. IBM for the first time chose female, CEO, Virginia “Ginni” Rometty. Another high-tech company, Hewlett-Packard, appointed Meg Whitman to be CEO in September 2011. Yahoo’s new CEO, Marissa Mayer, headlines problematic companies. These are just three examples of male-dominated and female-led global technology companies.
And this trend is not limited to the United States. More than half of Chinese executives are women. There are more CEOs in India than the United States. Also in the past 30 years the number of female leaders in the Middle East, Africa, China and Europe has also increased.

Major task faced by women in business

From entertainment to technology, every field, women are facing gender issues. Entrepreneurial spirit does not change either.
99 designers surveyed more than 3000 entrepreneurs worldwide, focusing on the phenomenal challenge female entrepreneurs have against men.
According to the survey, the male entrepreneur subject to survey doubled the possibility of having a debt of more than 100,000 dollars for young companies as female entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, these figures were relatively constant over the past year in this survey. If a woman can not get enough money to start a business, it affects almost all aspects of startup, such as employment, office rental, reasonable time setting.
Whether fund shortage or staff shortage, female entrepreneurs (68%) tend to leave the house more than male entrepreneurs (48%). They also tend to register as the only owner, not men (49% of women versus 31% of men).
In this survey, the number of women and men who started business in different industries are almost the same, business consulting, marketing, PR, distribution and media. The majority of the men and women studied agreed that helping them emerge from the comfort zone and feeling guilty about doing harsh jobs is not one of the biggest challenges of the day Did. Business creation.
Despite these similarities, women are still facing discrimination and gender inequality will continue in 2018. To learn more about this year’s women, please refer to the following infographics.

Online business idea that you can start without money

The big thing about online business is that it is one of the most affordable business options and can primarily be started from home.
In addition to registering as a company, you need a home office (not a tough requirement), a good internet connection, a good business implementation.
If you are unsure whether you are an entrepreneur, please answer the questionnaire. In other cases, please read. If everything goes well, it is recommended that one of the following ideas inspire you and download the startup checklist. The startup checklist is the first reference point for entering an entrepreneurial journey.

Independent writer

Creating a list of online businesses that independent authors can launch is rarely surprising. With the advent of content marketing, online writers have never been recruited.
To improve your career, create a profile with popular freelance sites such as Upwork and Freelancer and build a portfolio. Websites are also important as people want to see your sentences in one place with ideas about your style, topics, and your personality.
In addition to being a good writer (and a good editor), you must be a pretty fast writer if you really hope to be excellent as a free writer. For more information on this career, please read this article on Freelance Union.

Social media consultant

Are there talent for social media? If you are a strongly creative and lovable writer, you can learn about the latest trends in social media. This may be the perfect opportunity for you.
Many entrepreneurs do not understand the complexity of using social media to create brands and maintain faithful online episodes or do not understand how to use social media. By offering social networking consulting skills, you can create social media game plans, manage social accounts directly, or publish updates to multiple platforms.
For details on how to make money as a social media consultant, please read the list of this excellent resource collected by Alexis Grant. If you want to become a social media expert, please read this excellent detailed guide by Ian Anderson Gray.

Web designer

If you know how to design a website, there is a potentially big customer base, including web site developers (many can create websites but do not design) and entrepreneurs themselves.
If you have design eyes and you do not receive formal training of web design, you can immerse yourself in the industry with even a little informal training and a good portfolio. In fact, your portfolio in this area will be everything – not a diploma! Present only your best works.

Why online business is the best investment you can ever make

Entrepreneurs are rare varieties constantly seeking new business opportunities. Some people are seeking new opportunities, others have always come up with new ideas.
Most options are not bad, as they are costly, scalable, and low margin. However, online business is very attractive, because it does not meet the traditional barriers that most new business faces. There are four reasons why entrepreneurs can be the best investors online business.
Providing incredible scalability
All online activities do not automatically achieve great success with rapid exponential growth. Many entrepreneurs do not exist on the Internet much, so we will start an online business that customers think they can find products automatically and think that there is a sales flow. They believe that some tweets and some Facebook postings aim to make online businesses virtual.
Even in a fixed business or online business, it is not easy to evolve business, but introducing online business has advantages. For example, a fixed retail store has a defined audience, usually a store department. Online business is not limited to this, it can be sold to viewers all over the world.
Once successful marketing and advertising strategies are confirmed, online businesses can easily open goals and significantly increase their budgets.

Offer unlimited freedom

Because of the freedom they offer, many entrepreneurs are attracted to online business. Modern technology, laptops, tablets, business applications, VoIP communication systems are just a few of the tools that companies can use from anywhere. Next time you are in Starbucks, you guarantee that someone connects to Wi-Fi and drinks your favorite coffee and is working on online business and start-up.
It will be very encouraging not to be tied to a specific place or office within 9 to 5 years. Some entrepreneurs forget to balance freedom, some fail miserably, others use freedom as a motive for working more freely. Do not confuse freedom with time as you give up. True entrepreneurs respect the freedom, understand that labor is more worth spending time with their families and participating in activities that are most deficient to be a member of a group of 9 to 5 people It is.

Low overhead and high margin

In online business, you can often reduce the enormous cost of offline activities. In addition to eliminating expensive items such as offices, retail space, long-term lease contracts, you do not have to freeze inventory. Direct shipping contracts or contracts with manufacturers can significantly reduce financial risk and achieve consistent profit margins with lower initial costs.

Ethical value for company’s success

Ethics is based on a set of moral and ethical values. These values ​​must be absolute. In other words, we must work seriously to invalidate human rationalization, weaknesses, ego, or personal mistakes. If everything else fails you will always return to these basic values ​​and lead you. Unfortunately, life is not so easy, there are disagreements about when value should be won.

Fortunately, your employer will help you in the world of business ethics. In short, those values ​​are your value (in the context of work). Freedom to freely choose your own ethical values ​​is somewhat limited. Given the current scandal scandal, we can not feel secure about the idea of ​​pursuing corporate value. Problem: Who or what value can you trust?

We will look at the many values ​​that have been successful, honest business focused, and have stood time testing. Please consider how these values ​​are communicated and useful within the organization.

Honesty. The old adage “Honesty is the best policy” is more true than ever. That is not just a lip service. There is a possibility that the slogan indicating the commitment to integrity is included in the manual of the employee of the company with the most scandal. The affirmation of being honest in the employee manual is obsolete. Whether you are honest or not. Even if you are not caught, most people know who and who they are.

Consistency. Integrity means strength and stability. By practicing the highest ethical standards, it means to walk on a high road. Proof of completeness prove the integrity and strength of your character and organization.

responsibility. Abusing, sacrificing and taking responsibility for others can solve the short-term crisis but refusing to take responsibility will hurt the respect and unity of the organization . Ethical people are responsible for their behavior. Likewise, behavior indicates the ability to be responsible for both big and small matters.

quality. Quality must be more than the best product, but cover all aspects of the work. People who admit quality and research everyday are deeply prideful, have pride in achieving, and affect everything. From memos to presentations, everything you touch must convey professionalism and quality.

trust. There is no free ride. Trust is difficult to win and it is difficult to get after losing. You should trust your business as you or your business contacts.

respect. Respect is more than an emotion, but it is demonstration of something or honor, sense of values, respect for someone. We respect the law, the people we work with, the company and its assets, and ourselves.